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Time:07:07 pm
Please comment here if you would like this community. I'm not here enough to keep up.
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Time:12:48 am
Hi i'm starting a new magazine and i'm looking for writers and artists;

THEME is Vulnerability ; deep dark secrets

Vulnerability is the susceptibility to physical or emotional injury or attack. It also means to have one's guard down, open to censure or criticism; assailable. Vulnerability refers to a person's state of being liable to succumb, as to persuasion or temptation

- what haunts you?
- how do you feel in any context such as your environment, social forces & insitutions?
- As an artist, how do you feel about beeing criticized about your work?
- How do you protect yourself?
- Vulnerability art Quotes
- what about writing a journal/blog?

these are some points that may help you to contribute to this magazine.


- photography
- drawings
- collage
- reflexion/opinion
- stories
- poetry
- crafty tutorial
- anything you thing might be interested.
- list to do
- hopes & fears
- found object
- current or past obsession
- embarassing / painful moment
- etc


please note: deadline for submitting your work is may 15th

Email your work at : femmzeleart@hotmail.com


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Subject:Psychotronics is the Problem
Time:10:05 am
If our leaders are hearing communications at the speed they hear themselves think we are in trouble. Voting against their constituencies and against their oath for torture and war crimes. Impeding investigations. Congress and the mainstream press have become a mouthpiece for the Bush administration. Republicans sound as though they know what they're saying as the democrats are forever challenged by the news media. As someone who has been to Congress I can tell you in no way do they represent your views, morals, or American laws. They live in fear.  And fear is being stimulated. Does your nose itch?
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Current Location:Brooklyn, New York
Subject:. . . Pants on Fire
Time:12:44 pm
Last week yet another memorist was outed (this time by her sister no less!) as nothing more than a lowly fiction writer; once again begging the question: why didn't they just publish their works as fiction in the first place?

Ego and greed, probably.

Not discounting these writers' duplicity in dealing with their publishers, what's truly troubling when these contretemps raise their ugly little heads is the press's haughty shock and awe that any half-truths (or quarter- or third-truths) should have wormed their way into the sanctity of somebody's memoir. Literary and social critics alike thump their thesauri and behave as if, pre-James Frey coming along and embarrassing Oprah with his million little lies, every memoir published was letter-perfect when it came to factual matters--that no details were added or enhanced (or omitted), that no dialog was fabricated, that nothing was tweaked to make the piece better (or at least readable).

By its selective nature, a memoir is not journalism; it is subject to the tricks our memories play on us; how and why events took place are filtered, consciously or unconsciously, by our prejudices, belief systems, etc. Plus, let's face it, folks: life, by and large, is boring. Even fascinating people have plenty of downtime where nothing of much interest happens. Knowing what to emphasize and what to ignore, where a chapter--let alone the real story--begins and ends (in reality, most people's lives have very few--and very long--chapters), is the writer's job.

And while we're talking about it, the very journalists looking down their collective nose at these memorists are prone to the same refractions they're pillorying; they shouldn't be, but they are. The truth is never more malleable than in the hands of a writer.

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Time:10:08 pm
Americans are asking for Political Asylum...Why don't we hear about it?     

There is no country in the world that understands propaganda more than the United States. Billions are spent at the Pentagon on what you hear and repeat. The mainstream news is a psychotronic parade as the democrats bumble and the reporters comment as though they are on the Bush administration payroll. 

The truth is not reported. The public responds as a story of importance makes breaking news only to see it squashed in the next 72 hours. Americans are asking for political asylum and you are not hearing about it. 

The government is torturing American citizens who are Whistleblowers-  myspace Darren Gelbard, youtube Monarch Katherine Moore, and DIA Topoff to see electronic warfare torturing a U.S. citizen in 2007. Or, for those of you who think these victims are conspiracy theorists, there are the ADS military tests on youtube, 60 Minutes, and CNN. People being hit out of thin air by a ray beam. For real!

Weapons that can harm or kill you from a distance, without leaving marks if the operator so desires, are being used on people in their homes. There are interviews with U.S. citizens who are victims and with a Baghdad surgeon in which he states there are bodies in Iraq he and his team of ten Doctors have seen that are being killed by..."No bullets, no shots..arms cut straight off...we don't know what kind of weapon it is." A Baghdad Orchestra player also stated he saw bodies where..."Only the face was burned, no eyes..and the teeth. The rest of the body was untouched.

The Washington Post released an article called Mind Games in which the victims of psychotronics and V2K described what it was like to have someone mentally and physically torture you using communications and electronic warfare from a distance. And Russia is trying to ban Space weapons after Congress changed the bill that would have banned psychotronics years ago. This is the most dangerous game. Weapons that no individual can defend themselves against. Weapons that manipulate people and that torture and can kill you in your home with no warning from a distance.
Current Location: United States
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