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editorials's Journal

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This is an open-end writing community established to offer writers a safe haven for showing their work and receiving constructive criticism. It was originally started soley for editorial pieces but I'd like for it to be much more than that.

Feel free to post your thoughts in here, just make sure you look over what you've written before you actually post it.
This Week's Prompt is:

This Old House

Before you post:

  • You may use the prompt in any way you choose, all we are giving you is a place to start. There is no preferred format or approach, just take it and go wherever you'd like with it.

  • You are not required to use the prompt, just please make a note of it somewhere if you don't.

  • Cut tags are required on longer entries. Some people don't care but others get very wound up about this sort of thing. You're welcome to link out to another journal or website if cut tags cramp your style.

  • Proof-read. It doesn't have to be perfect, but we definitely do not want "hye my name is alisia an di lyke 2 go fishing. i like 2 fish bcuz fishing is fun!"

  • Keep your sources on hand. If you're going to claim that 95% of the world likes the color orange, you should be able to prove it.

  • Do not disable comments and do not post something you know will cause an uproar and complain when people disagree. Just use your head.

  • Try not to be repetitive. If someone else has just written a pro-orange entry and you want give your 2 cents in the defense of the color orange as well, use the comments. However, If you have something new to say, feel free to make your own post.

  • NO OFF-TOPIC POSTS PLEASE! This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Introductions/farewells

    • Promoting another community (if you feel that your community is special, contact a mod)

    • What you ate today

  • Finally, just be mature about things. If you absolutely despise the color orange, you are free to say so but no flaming, no trolls, and don't be a snob!!.